There’s a piece of fitness equipment in any gym or fitness center that is often overlooked by a majority of patrons. It’s that piece that sits in the corner collecting dust that no one quite knows how to use. Yes that’s right, it’s the rower.

Rowing is a great choice of exercise for someone who hates to run, can’t run anymore or someone looking for a total body workout in one piece. According to the article, “A doctor told us that rowing on a machine will get you ‘more bang for your buck’ than running on a treadmill — here’s why”, from Business Insider, rowing activates more muscle groups than running. Getting on the rowing machine activates nine muscle groups and 85% of the musculature in the body.

Another reason why rowing is a great alternative is because it is a low impact exercise. There is no planting, pushing off and landing motions involved in rowing. Therefore, a user’s joints or ligaments aren’t taking the same pounding they would from running on concrete or a treadmill.

With all these alternative benefits to this exercise, many find it intimidating because they do not know how to use it. Below is a link to a website with guidelines on correct rowing form and a video on how to row. Still have questions after? Call in to one of the stores and talk with one of our fitness consultants!

Article on the technique of rowing